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Once there was a people. They suffered many great injustices and tragedies and were left with very little of their own. Knowing that the world had become bleak and hopeless, they asked themselves whether they should continue to bring children into this life of suffering. They thought and deliberated upon this question, until they decided that it is better that humanity should continue rather than letting it die out. Even if it meant that life should be replete with anger and suffering. So they went on to have children. They would provide enough to sustain the existence of their children and hope that the children would rebuild the world into something beautiful.

Once there was a children of a people. They wondered why they were brought into a world of suffering, as it had not been their choice to be born. "Why are we here?" they wondered. "Why did you create us?" they asked the people. All they had been told by way of guidance had been to "live well," and to "don't live like we did." Looking back for answers was to look at the bleakest condition, erasing almost everything that was beautiful.

When they learned the truth of their people, and the depth of suffering that they had come from, they realized that there was only a singular path to move forward. They existed, and that was the first step. The next step fell on their shoulders: it was to bring meaning to their existence, and make it worthwhile.


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